About us
,, Safe children’’ is a working name which was supposed to convey the purpose of creating our products in a nutshell. We are also parents and accessories which are produced by us are the answer to the lack of products which are needed on a market.  
ecause children are the most important for us and we are ready to give them all what is best for them, we decided to create a couple of unique products with high quality. That is how our sachets, SOS bands, breastfeeding scarves were created.  
Our products

SOS sachets

Practical solution which
has number of advantages
do rodziców.


SOS bands

      are a very little gadget which allows to provide children with contacts details of their parents and guardians almost in every situation.


Reflective vests

     Reflective vests are the top quality product which were designed with the minutes details to children


Breastfeeding scarves

     To maximize the comfort during feeding and to remain the eye contact with a child.


Sachets for insulin pump

    Taking into consideration special needs of children suffering from diabetes, we created multifunctional SOS sachets for insulin pump.
How to buy?
     All products can be bought via Allegro